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A Million Ads

A business based on unique technology, allowing audio advertisers to personalise their message to individual users

  • AMA has worked with over 300 brands
  • It has served over 10bn dynamic ad impressions
  • AMA once made 8.3m versions of one ad
  • Founder, Steve Dunlop worked at XFM and Global Radio
  • AMA ads can even react to weather conditions

The inside story

Former XFM producer, Steve Dunlop had spent much of his career recording radio ads, all of which had to be made individually in different time-specific versions.

“Versioning” as it was known was time-consuming and limited. Dunlop’s idea for A Million Ads was “versioning on steroids”, using new digital technology to personalise the same advert in an unlimited number of ways to target the right listener at the right time, with the right message.

Why we chose to invest

Digital audio advertising – on digital radio and podcasts – is expanding rapidly. Steve’s idea uses a unique technology and had already received very positive feedback from the many clients who had tried it.

We invested with a view to helping A Million Ads establish a US office and grow revenues within what is clearly a huge market.

We feel AMA is perfectly positioned to exploit the rapidly expanding digital audio advertising market and the industry-wide drive to personalise the consumer experience.

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