A global subscription software platform for golf data targeting both players & coaches on and off the course

  • Ideated on the Rye golf course by founders Ed Crossman and Piers Parnell Clippd was founded in 2016
  • Clippd has partnered with some of the biggest names in golf including the PGA and the NCAA
  • Clippd's range of products has been endorsed by players and tour providers alike and have continued to deliver strong growth
  • Clippd has made a name for itself in the golf community and continues to build partnerships with players in the space such as Me & My Golf, ARCOSS and Awesome Golf
  • Scoreboard powered by Clippd has professionalised the sport at the college level and continues to roll out across US colleges

The inside story

Clippd is a training software platform built for the golfing community, it allows its users to track every shot and use the data to track progress and create a bespoke coaching plan to improve all elements of their game. Unlike most other sports golf suffers from an abscence of a universal standard set of metrics to gauge individual performance. Clippd data focused solution solves this and has been widely adopted by the community.

Clippd has built a large data moat and aims to be the leading connected fitness and data company in the golf world, offering a variety of solutions for a range of different customers ranging from enterprise solutions for teams, and professional tours to a B2C offering for hobbyist and leisurely golfers who want to enhance their game.

Why we chose to invest

Clippd has put together a strong team of executives obsessed with data and its applications as well as a deep-rooted love for the sport of golf. Endorsed by the leading stakeholders in the space Clippd has proven traction in a sticky and difficult-to-access market and its technology stack allows for huge amounts of golfing data to be ingested and purposed to deliver valuable and data-backed insights for its users who have historically been unable to pin-point areas for improvement.

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