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Bringing careers advice into the 21st century with virtual tasters of university courses, apprenticeships and jobs

  • Springpod has a number of high-profile professional clients including Airbus, Vodafone and the NHS
  • Springpod is on a mission to democratise access to work and education experiences
  • Springpod’s services are typically consumed by those between the ages of 13 to 24
  • The company operates out of both its London and Liverpool offices 
  • Currently, 1 in 2 people drop out of apprenticeships in the UK

The inside story

Springpod has changed the face of careers advice forever. Users – whether they are considering a career or a university course – get the option to try before they apply by sampling their course or career path virtually in an immersive experience powered by Netflix-quality videos and interactive exercises.

The edtech platform is the UK’s leading experiential learning provider for young people over 400,000 of whom already have accounts. It can also point to both a startling success rate in lifting confidence among its users and a strongly diverse take-up with 45% identifying as BAME and 63% female.

Why we chose to invest and how it added value

We were impressed by Springpod’s management team and the clarity of its vision, recognising that careers advice in the UK is outdated and no longer suitable for purpose and traditionally the further down the social ladder a person finds themselves, the harder it is to access relevant experience.

With a third of UK universities on board and over 300 companies, we feel Springpod is in an excellent position to expand internationally as well as consolidate at home. We are also strong advocates for the company’s business model where revenue is not derived from its end-user greatly enhancing its social mobility impact.

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