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A company offering a revolutionary advance in haptic-feedback, virtual reality training for the medical profession

  • FVR has won three Bold Awards, the first organisation to do so
  • FVR was also named Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year 2023
  • Platform provides real-time AI date assessment
  • FVR featured in Time magazine’s top 50 inventions of 2018
  • Founder Richard Vincent has given a Ted Talk on experiencing gender through VR

The inside story

Described as “a flight simulator for surgeons” Fundamental VR was founded by tech pioneer and entrepreneur Richard Vincent.

The company builds and licenses highly realistic VR content that trains surgeons to operate on the human body via haptic-feedback sensors. The platform enables surgeons across the world to come together, practise new techniques, repeat and rehearse procedures without ever touching a human body.

The company also sells to life sciences corporates, medical robotics companies, and hospital networks.

Why we chose to invest and how it added value

Fundamental VR already had an excellent management team with an impressive roster of clients and over 100% year-on-year revenue growth as well as strong metrics at the time of investment. The Covid pandemic only strengthened the case for remote collaboration, turning it from a desired outcome to a necessity.

The company has since developed further specialties in opthamology, urology, orthopaedics and robotics.

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