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A high-tech company operating at the cutting edge of micro-LED displays and augmented reality

  • Mojo is pioneering the world’s first AR contact lens
  • It has created the smallest and densest micro-LED display technology
  • Mojo co-founder Drew Perkins pioneered the early internet tech, Point-to-Point Protocol
  • Mojo was founded as an ambition project, a result of founders Drew Perkins' and Michael Deering's poor eyesight
  • Tech fits 70,000 pixels into a space less than 0.5mm across

The inside story

Mojo was co-founded by American entrepreneur Drew Perkins, who has a track record of creating successful hi-tech companies. After a routine cataract operation, he found himself wondering if the process couldn’t be improved and give him bionic vision like the TV hero of his childhood, Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

When Mojo launched it used revolutionary technology known as invisible computing which utilised a micro-LED display the size of a grain of sand within a contact lens, using augmented reality and overlaying digital information directly into the wearer’s line of sight.

Why we chose to invest

Following Edge’s investment, Mojo has pivoted to concentrate in the first instance on the micro-LED display portion of the business. We have identified market opportunities in areas of augmented and virtual reality, automotive, light field display, large format displays and others that require high-performance micro-LED displays.

This offers a quicker, more guaranteed route to market, revenue generation and profitability, but the significant market advantage Mojo retains in terms of IP and patents on lens technology means this side of the business will still be developed aggressively.

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