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An AI-powered transcription and collaboration programme, Trint is not only the answer to every journalist’s prayer, but a highly scalable business

  • Trint is available in 31 languages
  • Early backers included The New York Times
  • Audio transcription market estimated to reach $23bn by 2025
  • Co-founder, Jeff Kofman is an Emmy-winning reporter
  • Trint stands for TRanscription INTerview

The inside story

It’s a story with which any journalist – or anyone who has had to endure the tedium of transcribing audio tapes – can identify.

The journalist in this case was Jeff Kofman, who in 2013 was ABC News’ London correspondent when he came across a trio of software developers – Mark Panaghistan, Mark Boas and Laurian Gridinoc – who had a prototype of software that linked manually transcribed text to its source audio.

Jeff asked the question – as all good journalists do – could you make it work the other way and convert audio and video speech to text with AI helping to eradicate the natural errors? Long, long story short – three years later, Trint was launched.

Why we chose to invest

By the time Edge invested in Trint, the company had already attracted some marquee names including The New York Times, the Associated Press and HBO.

What’s more, we saw that the macro trend supporting Trint was already large and destined to grow significantly further.

Before our investment, Trint had achieved a lot on a relatively modest marketing budget, we believed our investment would help the company scale, and diversify its offering by adding new and useful features.

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