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A global network fast becoming the dominant player in the burgeoning field of esports

  • Blast broadcasts in 18 languages
  • Global reach of 150m households
  • Recently signed biggest ever betting deal with Unikrn
  • Nominated for an Emmy Sports Award
  • Total esports viewership was 454m in 2019

The inside story

Esports is big business, both online and live where it packs out “enormodomes” with ease.

Blast is a global esports network with a huge worldwide audience, broadcasting the best teams in the world and is a leading creator in six of the top eight esports games by viewership.

It is particularly well-known in the esports world for its broadcasting and staging of Blast Premier, a series of worldwide Counter Strike tournaments, the esports’ equivalent of UEFA’S Champions League.

Why we chose to invest

Esports is already big, but it’s going to get much bigger, with audiences predicted to hit 640m in 2025. The market is poised to go to the next level, both in terms of sponsorship and the sale of media rights and Blast is ideally positioned to benefit from these trends, as seen in its latest record-breaking deal with Unikrn., its direct-to-consumer product offers the opportunity to generate additional revenue.

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