ROLI invent, design, develop and manufacture entirely new music-making devices

  • ROLI is a revolutionary London-based music technology company founded by Roland Lamb and Corey Harrower
  • ROLI has created a suite of award-winning products
  • "Seaboard RISE" was acclaimed as “the future of the keyboard
  • "LUMI", their all-in-one system makes piano learning fun
  • ROLI's hardware-software platform provides a unique, joyful learning experience

The Inside Story

ROLI’s mission is to enable more people to experience the transformative power of life-long music making. The company makes the whole process of music learning, practice, and music making more inspiring and effective.

ROLI are a team of musicians, programmers, teachers, anthropologists, engineers, and artists dedicated to reimagining music learning and music creation through integrated hardware and software.

ROLI have been creating a revolution in music making for professionals, and they are also bringing their passion and spirit of adventure to products for beginners and learners. They invent, design, develop and manufacture entirely new music-making devices, with unique software and pedagogy to support learning.

Why we chose to invest

ROLI has developed a unique set of IP and products which are radically changing music learning and creation for anyone, from beginners to professional musicians.

ROLI operates in the global music learning market, which is worth over $12bn annually and has seen little change in over 100 years, with only 2% of the sector currently online.

We believe in the team’s vision for a hardware/software platform with a unique pedagogy, which will transform music creation, learning and democratise access to music participation for a much wider audience.

Tell us what you are building

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