AMA - Shatter the Stigma: Disability Stories

1 st December 2023

AMA, the leader in dynamic creative for audio, has announced the launch of a new “Project Dynamic – Shatter the Stigma” podcast series, which they recorded during Disability Awareness month, as a part of AMA’s D,E & I initiatives.

About the “Shatter the Stigma” podcast

In this podcast series, AMA explores disabilities through the unique perspectives of three individuals working at the company. These open and honest conversations provide a platform for genuine stories, experiences, and insights, painting a picture of what life is like for those with disabilities and their loved ones.

Throughout this series, AMA aims to dispel common misconceptions and eliminate stereotypes, while unveiling the truths, strengths, and challenges that come with living with a disability or supporting someone who has one.

The first guest is, Matthew Taverna, who talks about his brother Tim, who has Down syndrome. The conversation is not just informative, but filled with laughter. Matt explores how to increase awareness and knowledge about disabilities, along with an entertaining story that emphasises why it’s important never to underestimate a person with disabilities.

Matt gives a shoutout to the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), where you can find information, resources and support.

Tune in here and join AMA in shattering the stigma

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