Mindtech New Sensor Features

31st May 2024

Mindtech, one of Edge’s new portfolio companies and the developer of its end-to-end DataOps platform for synthetic data, has announced the launch of support for two new sensor types, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and NIR (Near-infrared) for its “Chameleon” platform.

Mindtech’s “Chameleon”, a platform enabling rapid creation of synthetic data matched to the real world, has added support for these two additional sensor types, allowing AI system developers to create Lidar and NIR training and test data. Today’s systems often require to see beyond the visual, to help with accurate depth perception (LiDAR) and low light monitoring applications (NiR) for example. Combining these non-human visible sensors with traditional human-vision (RGB-type) sensors, allows Chameleon users to create precise, synchronised data, with full annotations.

Read more about Mindtech’s latest innovation here.

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