Clippd x Neuropeak Pro Partnership

9th February 2024

This week saw the launch of Clippd’s exciting partnership with Neuropeak Pro, their first collaboration in the growing area of health training.

Neuropeak Pro is a brain performance, heart rate variability and breath training company, that works with elite athletes and individuals to improve their ability to focus and perform under pressure.

Combining data from Neuropeak Pro’s NTEL BELT with Clippd’s performance-tracking data can help highlight fine margins that drive performance improvement for all levels of golfers.

Watch below to hear what Clippd’s David Ford, had to say on the integration of the data from his NTEL BELT with Clippd data.

David discovered that he was suffering from heightened anxiety when putting. Since using the NTEL BELT to train his breathing, he has been able to find focus on the golf course, resulting in improved performance and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

An impactful duo for any golfer wanting to improve their game!

Read Clippd’s full announcement here.

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