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Newsflare Studios WHOA! THAT WAS WILD!

21st April 2023

Newsflare Studios, is the Los Angeles-based original entertainment arm of Newsflare. Newsflare has expanded into original long-form content for distribution to broadcast, digital and streaming media. WHOA! THAT WAS WILD! is the first long form series produced by Newsflare Studios for delivery in 2023.

WHOA! THAT WAS WILD! is a half-hour series that features the most incredible moments ever caught on camera. The series includes ‘Thrill Moments’, guaranteed to leave audiences breathless as they witness near-disasters and dramatic footage, from ocean voyages to hair-raising road incidents.

Preeya Naul, Executive Vice President of Newsflare Americas & Newsflare Studios said, “We are excited to launch our long-form production with our show WHOA! THAT WAS WILD! and pleased to announce our partnership with industry-leading distribution partner Wurl, who will be instrumental in ensuring our content reaches audiences worldwide”.

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