AMA launch “Long List” Feature

16th February 2024

AMA’s Studio.AI this week announced the launch of their new “Long List” feature, where streaming audio advertisers can now add up to 100,000 locations to be referenced and featured specifically in each ad verbally.

The “Long List” feature offers precise targeting through either latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates or ZIP codes, providing extreme granularity at a national scale. With this new feature, advertisers can ensure they reach their target audience everywhere with relevant and personalised messages.

The new feature is part of AMA’s Studio.AI product. Studio.AI was designed to further enhance the speed and precision of the AMA dynamic decisioning engine. Launched last year in June, the solution intelligently syncs audio files with script lines and selects relevant data triggers for highly-personalised ad experiences and is available for use across leading audio platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Acast and iHeart. Long List syncing is driven by Studio.AI’s AI feature set.

This is a huge geographical increase for AMA, with 200 locations being available for advertisers previously to 100,000.

Read more on the “Long List” here.

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