Springpod’s Sustainable Farming Partnership

28th June 2024

Springpod has recently announced yet another new partnership, this time with The Institute for Agriculture & Horticulture.

Portfolio company Springpod is working closely with the institute to bring students a free and unique virtual farming and sustainability programme. Given the rise in prominence of sustainable farming and its primary role in the discussion around climate change, this is an exciting new partnership. The programme gives young people the chance to explore some of the key areas in the sector and learn more about the roles and responsibilities that exist within it, including:

🌽 An Introduction to Sustainable Food Production

🐄 Animal Welfare & Environmental Management
🌐 The Future of UK Food Production
♻️ Careers in Sustainable Food Production
🛣️ Industry Pathways
🤝 Employability

To see a detailed breakdown of the programme and what it entails click here.

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