Springpod’s Next Partnership

16th February 2024

This week, Springpod secured another major partnership for 2024, teaming up with The Careers & Enterprise Company to bring students in rural and coastal schools greater access to work experience opportunities.

Through online programmes and essential support via a learning hub, students can tackle social issues such as geographical barriers and lack of professional networks available to them in their area, which may be less connected to major industries.

The announcement comes amid growing calls for changes to traditional work experience, with researching showing 34% of the UK’s business population being based in London and the South East.

The new programme is backed by nearly £2m from the Department for Education and is being piloted by 25,000 young people across the country.

The three models being tested are:

  • Virtual workplace experiences for more than 1,000 schools in coastal and rural communities - providing access to wider national networks of employers outside their local community. This will include online programmes with household names like Airbus, JLR and Siemens; interactive skills workshops led by industry professionals and groups of 25-30 students doing real-life three day projects, including ongoing feedback and assessment.
  • Breaking down barriers to high quality workplace experiences for disadvantaged young people in six Careers Hubs across England, including Stoke, Manchester, Devon, Leicester, Kent and Hertfordshire – levelling the playing field and ensuring all students have opportunities.
  • Targeted workplace experiences focused on roles in future growth sectors across seven Careers Hubs in the North of England – green skills in the North East and digital skills, with an emphasis on the gaming industry, in the North West.

Read the full announcement with comments from Springpod here.

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