Claudia Salvischiani

Claudia Salvischiani

An inspirational HR high-flyer with global experience and a creative approach to problem-solving, Claudia is the forward-thinking face of personnel.

  • HR and organisation advisor, ZFV-Unternehmungen, Switzerland
  • Lecturer at Stanford Seed, US
  • Advisor, Catallyze, Australia
  • Senior VP /Global HR Vorwerk Group, Switzerland
  • Head of Leadership & Organisational Development, DRÄXLMAIER Group, Germany

Professional experience

Claudia is a HR expert with international experience and a particular interest in Africa and Europe. As she says herself, she has served her time in the personnel frontline, handling pay disputes and legal cases, negotiating with unions and the rest, but her preference these days is for more challenging, perhaps more cerebral problem-solving, which enables her to find more creative solutions. In particular, she is a passionate advocate of strategic HR (Performance Management, succession planning, organisational development). Prevention rather than the cure.

At present, Claudia is the founder of Beyondscaling in Milan where she advises venture capital and private equity funds. As the name implies, part of her brief is helping businesses with scaling and finding methods to maximise their human capital as well as finding fruitful ways to harness culture and organisation to align with business strategy.

Her background in HR is truly international and this gives her vision and voice extra credence. Among the most interesting of her recent ventures is the time she spends in the US as a volunteer lecturer with Stanford Seed, an offshoot of the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business. Videos of this collaboration are online and provide ample evidence of her highly developed mentoring skills which form a key part of her role as a Venture Partner with Edge.

Beyond the office

Claudia is a contributor to the Grit & Growth podcast from Stanford University

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