Nuno Goncalves

Nuno Gonçalves

Nuno is a Human Resources pioneer, seeing it as a force for creating exponential value by building more cohesive teams and more successful companies

  • Global head of strategic capability building for Mars
  • Chief Talent Officer (Talent acquisition, Talent Management, Learning & Development) at bio-pharma UCB
  • Chief Learning Officer at pharmaceutical company Sanofi
  • Member of the Board of advisors and Senior faculty at Josh Bersin Academy

Professional experience

Nuno has worked over a wide range of different business sectors (including healthcare, biotech, manufacturing) and in many different countries, but his quest for making HR a transformative experience for companies has been a constant throughout.

Studying first in his native Portugal and later at Stanford in the US, Nuno has a track record as a critical thinker: he is currently the global head of strategic capabilities building at Mars where he’s identifying and building the key strategic capabilities to deliver on their strategy. He also leads the prestigious Mars University.

He is fascinated by all forms of learning and believes incorporating it into the regular flow of work is essential. Nuno’s great experience in HR, allied to his positive, forward-thinking approach has been invaluable for Edge and he has advised on many start-ups from an HR perspective.

Beyond the office

Nuno, along with fellow Stanford alumni, has helped found the investment fund Reaction, aimed at helping ethical companies

  • Bio/pharma experience
  • Education experience
  • Human resources
  • Leadership (C-suite)
  • Financial expertise
  • Management