Hannah Williamson

Hannah Williamson

An early career change, saw Hannah transfer her talents into business and she has become a key member of the Edge Investment team.

  • CIMA qualified
  • Non-executive board member on Springpod and ROLI
  • Non-executive board member on A Million Ads
  • Led deals on Trint and Springpod
  • Fashion buyer at ASOS

Professional experience

With a background in fashion, but a passion for how businesses are built and scaled, Hannah arrived at Edge looking for a career change and found it, starting as a junior member of the team while also taking evening classes to study for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants exams. It proved the right call both for Edge and Hannah. Having successfully got her CIMA qualification, she joined the Investment team and now sits on the board of four companies where she plays a key strategic role in their expansion under Edge.

Hannah’s rapid progress in the company reflects an unrelenting work ethic, combined with a keen intelligence and overwhelming desire to absorb every learning opportunity which presents itself. It also says much about how Edge invests in talent in their own organisation where hard graft and a willingness to learn are seen as more important than cosy networks and having gone to the right school.

Derby-born Hannah appeared to be heading for a career as a fashion buyer. After completing her degree in Fashion and Textile Management, she was taken on by ASOS, the online fashion brand, but the pivot into business began there and her background could yet prove invaluable as she is keen for Edge to find partners in the world of fashion tech. In the meantime, she embodies Edge’s values and takes justifiable pride in her career choice, while championing just as strongly the businesses with which she works.

Beyond the office

Hannah would like to say she does yoga, but she doesn’t. She lists socialising and travel as her main interests.

  • Edtech
  • Fashion experience
  • Media
  • NED Board experience
  • SaaS