Simon Andrews

Simon Andrews

With a vast range of skills across the financial waterfront and in-depth start-up experience, Simon is a pivotal member of the Edge team

  • Non-executive director at
  • Board observer at Trint
  • Former Senior VP at Jefferies International
  • Early-stage investor at BGF Ventures
  • Former VP at SVB Financial Group

Professional experience

Simon is a seasoned professional in the world of venture capital, renowned for his wealth of experience and expertise. With a diverse background spanning various elite organisations, Simon has made significant contributions to the success of numerous early-stage creative and technology companies.

Prior to joining Edge, Simon was part of the Business Growth Fund (BGF), one of the most active investment companies in the UK, before which he spent almost eight years at Octopus Ventures, where he honed his skills and deepened his understanding of the venture capital landscape

Simon’s journey into venture capital began at Silicon Valley Bank, where he worked extensively in M&A Advisory and debt financing solutions. His comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of the industry further enhanced his ability to support and drive the growth of promising start-ups.

Notably, Simon has held positions at prominent equity research houses with a specialisation in technology, including Jefferies, Merrill Lynch, and BNP Paribas. These roles allowed him to develop a keen analytical mindset and a sharp eye for identifying emerging trends and investment opportunities.

Throughout his career, Simon has held board seats at several influential companies, such as Streetbees, The Plum Guide and BehavioSec among many others. Currently, he holds board seats at Jungle, Trint, and Pirate Studios, where his strategic guidance and industry insights continue to drive growth and success.

With his vast experience, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, Simon brings to Edge a basket of essential skills, guaranteed to drive the company forward in its quest to back successful creative start-ups.