Cyril Delattre

Cyril Delattre

A strong entrepreneurial track record allied to deep tech experience gives Cyril’s opinions great weight, particularly in the field of web3

  • General manager, Web3 marketplace at Protocol Labs
  • Co-founder of Mosaia
  • Former head of trip product standards, Airbnb
  • Former senior consultant, Bain
  • Investment associate, Acumen

Professional experience

Cyril Delattre is a tech professional with a wealth of experience in pioneering new ventures and scaling products and operations. His expertise lies in marketplace business models and the innovative realm of web3 technology.

Having established himself as an operator in the tech industry, Cyril brings a unique perspective to his work. He understands the intricacies of taking ideas from conception to fruition, and he excels at navigating the challenges that come with scaling and growth.

Cyril’s professional journey began with notable experiences at Bain and Airbnb. In 2022, he joined Protocol Labs, a renowned research and development lab known for exploring cutting-edge advances in web3, cryptography, distributed systems, and AI.

At Protocol Labs, Cyril is actively involved in significant projects such as IPFS, which serves as a foundational protocol for web3, and Filecoin, which acts as a layer-one solution for the data economy. Cyril’s role involves building Mosaia, a marketplace that connects Web3 Builders with proven service providers, revolutionising the way talent and services are connected in the web3 space.

With a strong focus on the creative industry, Cyril has been an advisor to start-ups in the realm of creative tech for the past five years. He constantly seeks out new business models that leverage the power of web3 and AI, driving innovation and shaping the future of the creative landscape.

Cyril Delattre’s multifaceted expertise, positions him as a dynamic force in the tech industry and an invaluable addition to the Edge team.

Beyond the office

Outside work, Cyril pursues an active lifestyle. Originally from France, he currently lives in Los Angeles, where he enjoys cycling, hiking, and surfing.

  • Creative tech
  • Cryptoeconomics
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product development
  • Web3