Fiona Dent

Fiona Dent

A highly successful operator, Fiona has delivered spectacular results across big media, technology and early-stage start-ups

  • Main Board Director of leading media corporate Time Inc. UK, a Time Warner company
  • CEO of Makerversity, the award-winning creative-tech incubator
  • Member, Digital Advisory Group, British Council
  • Chair of no.1 finance and tech talent platform, eFinancialCareers
  • Life Fellow, Royal Society of Arts

Professional experience

Fiona’s entire career has been focused on defining the future. At transatlantic media companies Reed Elsevier and Time Warner, she spearheaded corporate digital initiatives, helping grow online audience from user no.1 to tens of millions. She became known for her contribution to digital transformation, including leading the launches of and to significant acclaim. As a Board director, she played a pivotal role developing the growth strategy for Time Inc UK ahead of Time Inc’s separation from Time Warner and its listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fiona subsequently became CEO of Makerversity, the award-winning creative-tech incubator, home to pioneering early-stage start-ups, working from sustainable materials innovation to ethical AI services. She has significant experience of supporting early-stage entrepreneurs to successfully grow their businesses. Fiona has been a non-executive director or board advisor to several high-growth technology companies and has deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the entrepreneurial journey.

Beyond the office

Fiona is a serial deep tech, SaaS, life sciences and creative sector early-stage angel investor. She is passionate about art, architecture, photography, cinema, circus arts, travelling off the beaten track, walking up mountains and skiing down them.

  • Digital innovation, launch, brand building
  • Value creation
  • Non-Executive board experience
  • Strategy
  • M&A