Sanjay Sinha

Sanjay Sinha

With strong education credentials and an entrepreneurial background, Sanjay has a perfect blend of strategic thinking allied to real-world business experience.

  • Former VP of Customer Pricing at Nokia
  • Assistant manager at Holtec Consulting
  • Co-author of Understanding Telecom Management
  • Launched entrepreneurial ‘single window services” business
  • Stanford Business School graduate

Professional experience

Sanjay has enjoyed a remarkably successful career spanning 25 years in the telecommunications industry. Currently serving as the Vice President of Commercial Management & Strategy at Nokia (Mobile Networks), Sanjay brings a wealth of expertise in various domains, including account management, sales, deal assurance, business turnarounds, transformation office, pricing, and commercial management.

Before joining Nokia, Sanjay worked as a management consultant. This experience provided him with the analytical tools to understand business operations and strategy, enabling him to make significant contributions to Nokia’s growth and success over his 14 years at the company.

Sanjay’s passion lies in fostering innovation and creativity, coupled with his strong leadership skills and commercial nous. He excels in negotiations and has a track record of driving successful deals and forging valuable partnerships.

In addition to his role at Nokia, Sanjay is actively involved as a non-executive board member and consultant. His diverse academic background includes degrees in Engineering, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage. This educational foundation gives him a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and the ability to devise effective strategies for sustainable growth. His relentless willingness to tackle new challenges, both in the workplace and in education, make him the perfect fit for his advisory role at Edge.

Beyond the office

Born in New Delhi, Sanjay now lives in Dubai with his wife and son,

  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial expertise
  • Management strategy
  • NED Board experience
  • Start-up experience