Lan Haarmann

Lan Haarmann

Lan has an indomitable spirit which has seen her build a high-flying career based on hard work, resilience and delivering results

  • Head of WW Business Operations at Pivotal Software
  • Senior director game production, Disney Interactive
  • Director of Operations at Zynga
  • Senior manager, global product planning, eBay
  • Technical consultant at CSG Systems

Professional experience

Currently based in California where she leads the data delivery platform that powers Google’s geospatial products such as Google Maps, local searches, and Google Earth, Lan has established herself as an expert in the field of programme management and operations. She has achieved this expertise over a decade spent at a number of high-profile companies such as eBay, Disney and Zynga. At the latter, she worked on FarmVille when that game was riding the crest of a wave and her experience in the gaming sector is particularly strong.

Earlier in her career, Lan held roles in engineering and technical consulting, providing her with a solid technical foundation that complements her programme management skills. She excels in managing large, complex teams and has a natural aptitude for overseeing large-scale projects and operations.

She has a proven track record in execution and delivery and has worked on delivering operational excellence to scale operations while increasing cost efficiency. Lan has written eloquently on refusing to take no for an answer and this is reflected in her tireless pursuit of excellence which characterises her professional career. For Edge, she brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities experienced by start-ups in the gaming industry, allied to a positive problem-solving outlook which cannot fail to inspire.

Beyond the office

Aged four months and carried by her grandmother, Lan escaped from Saigon on the day it fell

  • Cost reductions
  • Creative tech
  • Gaming industry experience
  • Leadership (C-Suite)
  • Product development