Jonathan Levav

Jonathan Levav

An expert on marketing, Jonathan’s research into consumer choice draws on both experimental psychology and behavioural economics

  • Professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Co-founder of Honeystone Ventures
  • Expert on Silicon Valley patterns of innovation
  • Research focused on understanding consumer choices
  • Winner of the Hillel Einhorn Young Investigator Award

Professional experience

For anyone hoping to create a successful business, there are few questions more fundamental than what makes consumers choose one product over another. This has formed the core of Jonathan Levav’s work for most of his professional life and continues to drive his research. To tease out the truth of this most complex of decisions, he combines field research as well as secondary data analysis.

Despite the complexity of the field, Jonathan manages to communicate his ideas with both clarity and enthusiasm: he has been chosen by Stanford GBS students for a Distinguished Teaching Award. Jonathan’s expertise extends way beyond the narrow confines of consumer choice. He was written extensively on a variety of subjects and most recently analysed how virtual communication can limit creative idea generation.

As an advisor to Edge, he draws on additional expertise in the fields of start-up viability and the behavioural patterns of Silicon Valley’s most successful tech companies.

Beyond the office

Jonathan is a co-founder of Honeystone Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based early-stage software fund

  • Academic support
  • Creative tech
  • Education experience
  • Go to market strategy
  • Start-up experience