Mathew Cole

Mat Cole

From managing Australian rugby stars to investing in creative start-ups, Matt’s global experience and expertise is second-to-none

  • Co-founded sports consultancy, The Blaze Agency
  • CEO and founder of global athlete recruitment platform Sporple
  • Head of corporate development at Investible
  • Chief revenue officer at Gameface AI
  • Partner at act media ventures

Professional experience

It’s rare that one can turn a passion into a profession, but that’s how it began for Mat, who went from playing rugby to representing some of its biggest stars when he co-founded The Blaze Agency. Under his guidance, it became one of Australia’s top sports management agencies, and Matt was a key player from inception to its acquisition by CSM in 2014.

Following this, Mat founded and served as CEO of Sporple, a global athletic recruitment platform that attracted venture capital from major US investors and renowned sporting organisations. Under his leadership, Sporple expanded its presence to over 70 countries, solidifying its position as a leading platform in the industry.

Throughout his career, Mat has held influential global leadership positions with venture-backed companies based in prominent technology hubs such as New York, Austin, and Silicon Valley. In 2018, he returned to Australia and joined Investible, a respected venture capital fund known for its early-stage investments in successful companies like Canva, GeoSnapshot and SportDisrupt.

Following his time at Investible, Mat became a partner at act media ventures, where he launched two early-stage funds at the intersection of media and technology. This role allowed him to further contribute to the growth and innovation within these industries. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Mat was a natural fit to become Investment Director at Edge and he is perfectly positioned to continue to have a positive impact on all aspects of start-up investment.